Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rachael Mead #28, Trying for a clear view of the bigger picture

Trying for a clear view of the bigger picture

It finds me in those scattered moments
I’m not looking, silently roaring across
the paddocks, light-lashed and the colour of air.

I follow the threads in this thin sclerophyll light,
lacing connections between the neat chaos
of nests, the dam’s tannin-steeped depths
and stringybarks standing at home in their leaves.

We’re all in the same place with no amount
of earnest talk revealing how to mend
what we’ve broken, how to be at home
in this world that seems to love us regardless.

The only clear and gleaming certainty
is that answers are more questions
and the unknown will continue to slip the net
of words and equations, black on white.

So all I can do is keep searching - 
give this world my fierce attention,
mind my steps while looking at the sky.


  1. I love the calm behind this poem which seems to balance on a set of question and reply and question. The last three lines give such an upward lifting to the poem, it is beautiful.

  2. Another beautiful poem. And I love the last line – that balancing act I too am always attempting.


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