Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jack Picone "Road Stop" # 1

                                                                                                © Photograph by Jack Picone

The Shearer's Cook, the shearer's husband and their dogs en route to the next farm 
they will work on. Outback NSW, Australia.


  1. series with Jack Picone's photographs


    a dog lifts his leg on the drought
    that marks a known world edge

    then another's along to sniff
    and a third dog gets out – a party!
    you'd think they'd arrived
    but there's more!

    this is how the colour of beer
    was first poured

    out beyond any thus-far whiff

    has any dog come so far?
    has any dog been here before?

    but there's further!

    under hat and out from under
    their humans are hundreds of dog years old

    they pile back in
    and the track runs on
    paws won't even touch it

    dogs have been everywhere

    at the end of the track
    there'll be these
    there'll be more


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